Latest addition to the Banjo All-Star lineup: Catherine "BB" Bowness

Please give a warm welcome to Catherine "BB" Bowness, the latest addition to the Banjo All-Star lineup. Hailing from New Zealand, BB headed to America in 2012 and co-founded her current group, Mile Twelve. Immersing herself in the traditions of bluegrass and having studied jazz performance at university, BB's banjo playing is an exciting synthesis of new and old ideas. BB won the 2015 Freshgrass Banjo contest and was a winner of the Steve Martin Banjo Prize in 2020.

I'm also very happy to introduce you to Grace van't Hof. Grace, from Detroit, is also a talented banjo player in her own right, playing with Chris Jones and the Night Drivers, and Sinner Friends. As a talented artist, she lovingly completed this portrait of BB which will be included in our series of Banjo All-Star trading cards now available for purchase and shipping in April. Today is the last day for our preorder discount! Just $14 until tomorrow. Order now!